YOU Are a Miracle of Creation

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~Albert Einstein

Whether you realize it yet or not, I already know you are a miracle! Every individual is a totally unique creation and that includes you! Your existence is no accident and it’s true no matter what your spiritual beliefs may be. Since the world began until the end of time, it’s mathematically impossible there will ever be another person with your exact combination of DNA. Not one.

Isn’t it interesting how many shapes, sizes and colors of humans there are? It’s endless! Our physical body includes lots of things; gender, intellect, looks, temperament, voice. We’ve all got defects and limitations. Add when and where we were born and who raised us and you get lots more variety. Even twins process information differently and have unique emotional responses. I wholeheartedly believe every person has special gifts, no matter how insignificant they may seem, and can make a unique contribution to the world. You do, too! It’s something no one else has but you and I believe the world needs your story!

Humans have a deep-seated, primal need to organize and label everything. Our spoken language is a process of labeling things; objects, colors, places. We have words to label what happens; running, laughing, eating, and sleeping. We label people; male, female, old, young, pretty, ugly, stupid, smart. Labeling is our attempt to make sense of a complicated world.

For cavemen, it was pretty straight forward and quite useful. Things we could eat were called food. Things that ate us were called danger. Warm, full and dry was good; wet, cold and hungry was miserable. Labels were a handy guide for survival. The primary needs of nourishment and safety were met using this logic.

Once we figured out the business of staying alive, we began to exist in more comfort and less fear. When that happened, the bar was raised on the questions being asked. Humans are a complex, intelligent species of divine origin so over time, people began giving more thought to emotions and relationships. We’ve been scratching our heads and talking about the meaning of life ever since we sat around the fire staring into the coals.

As early as 600 BC, the earliest philosophers were questioning and labeling man’s thoughts and feelings about life. It‘s interesting that the word philosophy means “love of wisdom”. The first philosophers didn’t consider themselves to be the authority on wisdom but instead saw themselves as seekers who were yearning to gain wisdom.

In America today, even the poorest among us is rich by world standards. For most of us, our needs are met and many of us live in abundance that was unimaginable even a few generations ago. In spite of all the ease and comfort, it’s possible to remain unfulfilled and experience emotional emptiness. We find ourselves asking the same haunting questions as were being pondered nearly 3000 years ago. Is this it? What is my purpose in life? Why am I here?

It may seem out of the question to stop long enough to think about where you’re going let alone to have the luxury of a sabbatical of any length. That’s why I suggest you spend just a little time each day in any spare moment you can find to think about those things that matter most to you. If you had to pare things down to a handful of true priorities, what would they be?

These are the keys to defining yourself and the things you believe in. Start with one small area, work on it for a bit and observe how it feels. Be gentle and gradual in the process but begin. Start to define yourself in terms of your most cherished values and work toward using them as a map to guide the smallest of decisions. As you become more aware and clear on the direction you’ve chosen, it will get easier to make good choices in an almost moment to moment way. When we stack up a whole bunch of good decisions, however small, over a stretch of time, it inches us closer and closer to living a life centered on what matters most. It won’t happen at once and it will never be in a straight line because life is full of curves and setbacks. Along the way, though, even when your journey surprises you, it will begin to take on richness and depth when you focus on the values you cherish. You’ll find that even in difficult times, you can discover meaning and purpose in the experience and greater satisfaction in your soul. I hope you’ll try it!


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