What Will You Do With Your Dash?



Who you become is infinitely more important than what you do, or what you have.”

~Matthew Kelly

(Read this in under 5 minutes) Each and every one of us is genuinely one-of-a-kind, it’s the truth. The infinite number of possible mathematical combinations of traits and characteristics in the DNA cocktail we’re made of makes my head hurt but it also makes it virtually impossible for any other person that has ever lived or anyone who will ever be born to be exactly like us. No one! Think about that!

I’m always captivated and even charmed by the incredible diversity of human beings. People come in a staggering number of variations when it comes to size, shape, color, talents, tendencies and temperaments. I think it’s fascinating to sit and watch a steady stream of people going by in a busy setting like a big airport and wonder what stories are being lived in their lives.

Despite all of our uniquenesses, we all share one commonality. Each and every one of is born and will pass through a finite life on this planet. Eventually, we will all die and become a part of eternity. None of us will ever know how much time we will have in that little hyphen between the year of our birth and year of our death, what is sometimes known as “the dash”. What will we do with our “dash?” That is the question we’ll continue to explore.

Everyone’s time is limited. What matters most is to focus on what matters most.

~Roy T Bennet

Some of the core messages of How to Know Your Why and Why it Matters are “Become Your Best” and “Let’s Do Something Great!” As you strive to become your best, we also urge you to create your personal “Legacy of Greatness” beginning right now! This happens when the tiny choices we make throughout our day are consistent with the ideals we hold closest to our heart. We know, all this may sound pretty daunting but it’s really a very gentle and hopeful way to live!

At first glance, our methods and suggestions may not seem very unusual. They might even appear to be a lot like other approaches you’ve seen. While you’ll find some similarities, there are significant differences that make our “Worthy Values First” system really stand apart. The most distinguishing concept is in our approach to the process. It’s in the “how to begin” stage of decision making, the day we decide to start becoming what Matthew Kelly calls “the-best-version-of-ourself”. Our unique message is that your plan is built upon the very things that set you apart from every other individual. Just you. There’s absolutely no one-size-fits-all here.

Most personal development or “self-improvement” processes begin with setting somewhat ubiquitous goals and taking well-established steps to reach them. These might include writing them down and creating an elaborate system of keeping track,  getting an accountability partner and setting up rewards for achieving certain benchmarks along the way. There’s not one thing wrong with any of that but some fundamentally critical components are missing.

What’s missing? A strong foundation based on developing internal (intrinsic) motivation, an inner strength that’s not dependent on external circumstances. Just as a building must have a good foundation to stand strong against the forces of nature, so does our goal setting. The higher the building will be, the deeper the foundation needs to be to anchor and support it. The more we want to achieve, the greater the legacy we are striving to create, the deeper and stronger our foundation needs to be.

The first step in setting and achieving goals is to firmly attach them to our “why”, our most noble principles and priorities, the ones that give our life direction. The values we would fight to uphold are the fuel for our inner fire. Goals are important, that’s an undeniable fact, but we must first become very clear on what matters most to us and make a commitment to take whatever steps necessary to move in the direction of our vision for our life.

As we become intentional about becoming the person we want to be, we’ll set many goals and we’ll fall short many times. That is simply part of the process and it’s something very important to know and understand. What we call “failure” is just one of the many ways we learn. If nothing else, we learn what doesn’t work, in much the same way as Thomas Edison found some 10,000 things that did not work to make a lightbulb! In fact, there are very few qualities that contribute more to reaching our goals than our ability to learn from failure. Winston Churchill summed it up nicely while clenching his signature cigar between his teeth, “Success is stumbling from one failure to the next with no loss of enthusiasm!”

Before we even begin to set goals, we need to spend some time thinking about those qualities that we can really embrace, the most honorable part of what we want to become. From that point on,  it’s our story and ours alone. What will you choose? Who will you become?

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  • Grant Newbold

    Dear Blog Subscriber, Wow! This blog entry is packed with important stuff. Betty did a great job of summarizing some of the most important things we have to offer. We know that our Worthy Values First system is very different from anything you will find out there because both Betty and I are searchers and we have never found this material put together in any manner close to the united system that we have for you. Worthy Values First, of course, draws from many who have gone before us, but it is also very much the intellectual property of Betty and myself. One of my favorite sayings is “please do not hear what I did not say” and it applies very much to this blog. We never will say that goals are not important but we will constantly say that “goals are important but not sufficient.” Goals that are not clearly tied to your worthy values can take you in the wrong direction, consume valuable time and other resources, and even ultimately generate a sense of failure, defeat, and even depression. If this blog post seems to resonate with you please follow Betty’s direction and complete the free subscription process and get the free PDF that is a summary of our Worthy Values First system. Please read and study the PDF and then keep following our website for more great inspiration and research grounded information. Thanks for accessing our website. Talk to you again soon. Grant “Doc” Newbold.

    • Betty Streff

      It’s all about doing our best to make every day count. Why? Because every day matters!

  • Grant Newbold

    Dear Blog Subscriber. I will try not to do two comments on a single blog but this post really hits important stuff. I have written a song for our Worthy Values First workshops and I want to recite one of the verses here. The verse goes like this “None amongst us knows how much time yet before us goes, will your time worthy values serve, or will your time distractions find, which will it be, which will it be, which will it be for you?” That is what the “Dash” is all about. Since none of us knows how long we will live we need to be sure that all of our days and all of the moments in our days go into serving (or living) the worthy values that are important to each of us. In order to do that you MUST FIRST, know what worthy values you are on this planet to serve. Our system is all about helping you discover which worthy values make up your unique constellation and then to help you create actions that support and serve those values. In my opinion, serving (or living) your worthy values is the very best way to insure that when you reach the end of the unknown amount of time you have on this planet you will be able to look back with few regrets and have the internal peace of knowing that you did the very best you could do with the time and situations you were given. Thanks again for accessing our website. Talk to you again soon. Grant “Doc” Newbold.

  • Gail

    Love this blog! Enjoying the last warm days before autumn settles in, I cherish them. An older friend who is 90 years old knows her days are limited. So for us all to feel that we are unique and powerful – but our days are limited – can truly inspire us. Thank you for reminding us of this!

    • Betty Streff

      A long life lived well is indeed a blessing. Wonderful to have examples of older people who enjoy life!

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