What Are We Doing Behind Bars?

(Read in :03) “Do or do not… there is no try.” ~Yoda

Yoda wisely taught us the key is in doing. The lotion in the bottle won’t heal the cracks on your hands. You have to put it on. The gym membership card in your wallet won’t help your waistline, you have to do the crunches. This one’s personal. If I read twenty more books or articles, I might finally have enough knowledge to start writing. In truth, nothing happens and we don’t move forward until we flip the switch from planning and thinking to actually doing.

Last time, I wrote about a different kind of New Year’s resolution. I encouraged you to pay as much attention to your emotional well-being as you do your physical appearance and health. I fiercely believe we can improve our level of happiness by being more grateful for all our blessings, more focused on others than on ourselves, and living more in the moment by being increasingly mindful. Because of that, I listed three very simple resolutions. Three things you can be doing that have been scientifically proved to enrich your outlook on life. To be sure, each involves taking some sort of action.

Try vs Do, Motion vs Action

When I get an idea for something I want to write about, I often take a look at what some of my favorite thinkers have to say on the subject. (There I go, reading again!) James Clear lives up to his name! He’s a clear thinker! In his words, we often mistake motion for action. According to Clear, being “busy” is a mistake lots of smart people make. Here’s what he has to say about it, “Motion is when you’re busy doing something, but that task will never produce an outcome by itself.  Action, on the other hand, is the type of behavior that will get you a result.”

So what stops us from doing?

Why would ever we put off doing something we want with all our heart? Why do we lock ourselves behind mental bars? I really don’t believe it’s laziness or procrastination that imprisons us. Quite often, fear is the thing that holds the key and keeps us stuck. What if we don’t get it right? If we begin something new or try something difficult, we might not succeed! That thought is a powerful deterrent to forward progress and we end up biting off far less than we can chew! And sadly, sometimes we’d rather stay locked up than try and fail.

“The fear of failure kills creativity and intelligence. The only thing it produces is conformity.”     ~ Anup Kochhar

What can unlock the door?

We overcome our fear of failure when we embrace our “why.” The pursuit of what matters most to us is an incredible motivator. When you begin to live every day with the burning desire to become the very best version of the person you were created to be, nothing will stop you!

It’s been a very long time since I read Susan Jeffers’ book, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway but I’ll never forget how I was inspired by her encouragement! I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from all those years ago! “Feel the fear and do it anyway! The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do it!”

Break down the doors on your fears and leave the mental bars behind! Let’s resolve to less trying and more doing. Please join me in making this bright shiny new year our very best ever!





  • Grant Newbold

    Betty. Thanks for this one. It does sound all to familiar and close to home. Your efforts to help us all are much appreciated. Doc Newbold.

    • Betty Streff

      It is a universal truth! Since I hit “publish” last night, in the space of this morning alone,
      I have run into this quote:“The gift of flight is reserved only for those who leap.”,
      This post from Jon Gordon: https://www.facebook.com/jongordonpage/posts/10154183258216299
      and this line in Matthew Kelly’s book The Rhythm of Life: “becoming the-best-possible-version-of-yourself is *doing* with purpose!”

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