The Secret to Stress Relief, Simplicity

:02 read “The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending, and to have the two as close together as possible.” ~George Burns

And, the same standard should apply to a blog post, right? I’ve accepted a challenge to write shorter posts and post more often. I’m anxious to hear what you think. The holidays are approaching and we’re accelerating into Mach 5 with our hair on fire. It’s a downhill slide from here out and we’ve got an insane amount of stuff to jam into the 41 days left in 2016. Because of that, I’ll be brief. You’re welcome.

Simplicity, A Worthy Value We Need to Embrace Right Now

Simplicity.  Transformation happens when we choose to simplify. As we approach the holidays, we’re being fooled to believe that more is more. Magazines, television ads and Facebook have created a false illusion that perfection is the only path to joy. The turkey needs to be glistening and beautifully brown, our table splendidly set. The pies must be homemade of course, piled high with whipped cream and artfully dusted with just a touch of nutmeg.

Quick! In the twinkling of an eye, we’ve got to speed shift  into full-bore Christmas mode. As fast as we can dry the platters and put away the gravy boat, we rush into decking the halls with the trendiest of festive decor. Frantically we comb through Pinterest for clever, coordinated gift wrap ideas and the chicest outfits for the office party. Folks, the pressure we put on ourselves is brutal and unnecessary.

Each of us must consider ways to simplify, slow down and savor the days ahead. I did not come here to steal your joy! If baking cookies and making candy gives you good feelings, do it!! Does it simply wear you out? Then don’t! If your vintage Christmas decor makes your eyes happy, enjoy it! If displaying it becomes a chore, consider how to minimize your efforts.

I encourage you to give some thought to the things you can happily eliminate. The stress to impress is simply not worth it. Simplifying things will help you maintain your energy and cheer. Remember this, a cheerful, calm and rested demeanor is far more attractive than even the most beautifully-appointed home. Simplicity is wisdom. Contentment is a gift. Try to find the “simple” that is right for you.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” ~ Albert Einstein






  • Grant Newbold

    Betty. Thanks for this timely blog about simplicity. In my own life, in order to reduce stress and stuff, I am trying hard to focus on things that provide meaningfulness to my life. There so many things that we can now see and do that it does often become way “too much.” My suggestion is that when we focus our energies on the things that bring meaning into our lives then other positive things also frequently show up such as happiness and belonging. It is however, meaning that makes life worth the struggle. Talk to you again soon. Doc Newbold.

  • Dave

    You know me, I like short and to the point. Your last line in the post is profound if people will just slow down enough to comprehend it. “Simplicity is wisdom. Contentment is a gift.” In our studies about happiness, contentment is huge. Being content can be learned and simplicity is a key. I hope your readers understand your depth and appreciate it. This post was one of you best.

    • Betty Streff

      Thank you! Blaise Paschal was the first to say, “I did not have time to write a short letter so I wrote a long one.”

  • John Northrop

    You are right! Apply the old “KISS” strategy-“Keep It Simple, Stupid”. Shorter and more I believe will have more impact. Worth a try!
    Thanks for reaching out!

    • Betty Streff

      Thanks! Sorry I was slow to add your comment and reply! Have an awesome Thanksgiving.

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