Reflection is Only Perfect on Still Waters

(Read in less than :03)“Every man carries with him through life a mirror, as unique and impossible to get rid of as his shadow.”~ W.H. Auden

My birthday was Saturday, April 1. Yep, April Fool’s Day.  I got teased about it a lot growing up but I must say it fits me to a “T”. I enjoy the uniqueness of it and few people forget it for that very reason. It’s odd.

What’s better than an odd birthday? Our connection on social media. If we have a large and robust circle our birthday can be the best day of the year. I had a terrific day and it was due in part to the incredible number of  people who popped up on my page to say “Happy Birthday!” Nearly all of my closest friends stay connected via social media and we communicate a lot! The only ones who can legitimately hate this are Hallmark and the USPS.

Reflection or Deflection?

But wait. Not very many days ago I wrote about a meltdown when I had nothing but hateful feelings toward myself and spent the day calling myself a total loser. Yet Saturday I felt loved and cherished.

On meltdown day a hundred people could have sent me wonderful messages and it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference in my state of mind. I would have batted each kind word back at them and swung for the fence as I did. I would not, could not have heard what they said. Rejecting any attempts at comforting me was a reflection of an inner storm.

Today, I had a startling realization. Take a look at the beautiful photo at the top of this post and you’ll find a clue. The beautiful reflection is perfect because the water is still. The difference between reflecting and deflecting is the condition of the weather. There must be stillness and peace within us to reflect love and beauty. Stormy weather and stormy hearts destroy the effect.

“We only see what we want to see; we only hear what we want to hear. Our belief system is just like a mirror that only shows us what we believe.”~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Clear Reflections

Sometimes we lose sight of something incredibly precious in this crazy world. It is this; we are always worthy, we are always unconditionally loved by our creator God. He made us in His image and we forget that much too often. When there are storms in your heart and in your soul, you cannot reflect that love. Loving our self can be the hardest of all love to give. When the winds of self-doubt and fear send your inner peace crashing against the rocky shore, hold fast to the promise that He has your name written on the palm of His hand. The storm will pass, the sun will come out and you might just see a rainbow where dark clouds once appeared.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”~Edith Wharton

You are the light of the world! Never forget! See you Thursday!






  • Sta

    Glad the water has become calm for you. Ran into this quote just the other day:
    “Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.”
    ― Bil Keane

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