One Day Can Make A Big Difference

(a 3-minute read)“Every person needs to take one day away.  A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future.”~Maya Angelou

I want to share a little secret with you. It’s something within almost any budget or schedule. It can be refreshing, relaxing and even transformational. Some folks travel to across the globe and others vacation in exotic tropical spots. But I have found that a small, simple change of scenery along with a mental reset can do wonders!

Life gets stagnant at times and we all get tired of the status quo. Even when we have lots of reasons to be happy and grateful, a break can be amazingly helpful to our mental outlook. The biggest things you need to bring along are your childlike curiosity and sense of wonder. And be sure to pack your gratitude and all five senses. Leave your routine and your concerns at home. They’ll be fine without you for a day or two.

There is no such thing as an ordinary day

I am a huge fan of a video about gratitude created using the incredible time-lapse photography of Louie Schwartzenburg. In itself, it’s a 10-minute vacation and feast for the eyes. If it does not make you a little emotional you really do need a break! As you watch it you’ll begin to get in the mindset you need to make a weekend almost magical. Important! The place you go is of less importance than the attitude you bring.

Get into nature no matter what the season or the temperature. It can be a park, a lake, a trail or a wooded area but get outdoors. Look at the sky and how it changes, watch birds and insects go about their business and marvel at the way it’s all been going on peacefully in the background. If you get rained on or snowed on so much the better. Feel it.

People watch

We went to a little Catholic Church in an old neighborhood Sunday. It’s the kind where there is a wonderful mix of ethnicities and skin colors. The diversity represents the bigger world much more closely than where we live and worship. Open your heart. Watch the families, watch the old couples, witness love in action. You have to slow down to notice.

A personal weekend highlight. My heart melted and tears filled my eyes when I saw a couple of happy, laughing kids explode out of a car, racing each other into a pancake house. Dad, clad in a colorful tie-dyed tee shirt followed close behind, smiling and hustling to keep up. It took me a few seconds to notice he had no hands and a prosthetic leg. Then I glanced at his license plate. It read PEACEFL. I could see it even if I could only guess at the backstory. Bless him, bless him.

Soak it in and Savor

Go slow. Go somewhere where you might not usually go, take a new route, eat in a new place, order something out of the ordinary, look up at the sky. When you eat, eat slowly. Savor the taste and experience the texture. Notice the phase of the moon and feel the evening breeze on your face. Take a minute to appreciate the beauty of the plantings and the landscaping and think about the care and planning it takes to make everything beautiful. Listen to the sounds around you, be still.

Forty-eight hours. That’s all the longer we were gone but we came home more relaxed, more grateful and more appreciative of home and each other. Try it. Think of it as a mini adventure in mindfulness. I crave your comments and your stories! Please share! See you Thursday!




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