The Deliciousness of Right Now

(Read in :03)Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”~Mother Teresa

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I thought about all of you. A lot. Until yesterday, I hadn’t missed a single day of my self-imposed twice-weekly writing schedule since launching this website. But once in awhile, a person needs to let go and be immersed in the deliciousness of right now. How could I sit here and suggest that you need to know your why and understand what matters most if I fail to live my own worthy values? For 24 amazing hours I drenched myself in the companionship of our immediate family, the 11 most important “whys” I have in my life.

A moment back in time

Five months ago this morning, my first article appeared here. I’d barely slept as our plane droned through the black night sky but I awoke early, anxious to know if anyone had read a word of it. I tiptoed across the pale wood floor without making a sound and perched myself on the sleek leather sofa in the “flat” we had rented on Airbnb. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I swallowed hard and nervously flipped open my laptop.

Our bachelor host had rushed through a hasty tour of the place before handing me the keys and bolting out the door. I was half awake but remembered to catch him and remind him I needed the wifi code and password. Ah yes, he muttered. He had a far-off look in his eyes. I knew he could smell the salt air calling him. He vanished down the narrow street, headed out to sea for a month.

From the balcony, I could have thrown a stone into the North Atlantic harbor below us. If I looked to my right, I could almost see the small house where my mother was born in 1927. It’s still there, right up the street in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. We were there because Mom wanted to see her homeland again before it got too hard for her to travel. She had two damaging strokes just a little over two months after we got home. To think we could have missed the blessing of the trip. I shudder at the thought.

Future moments

As we close out the year and get ready for another trip around the sun, it’s critical to cherish each day for what it holds. At every stroke of midnight, this day we have will vanish as quickly as Cinderella’s coach.

This “living in the moment” trips me up way too often and admit I’m very much a work in progress. I’m a planner, a doer, a thinker. I’ve missed far too many joyful moments. Looking back, it was always because I was worried about what I didn’t get done or how I was going to accomplish everything I thought I should. I have regrets about what I’ve missed but I’m finally beginning to realize life only moves in one direction,  forward.

It was a little victory this weekend! I let go of what I failed to get done in time for the holiday! I really did and wow! It was liberating! It took mindfulness, deliberation and a lot of prayer for inner peace and grace but it was an amazing feeling! I want to share that joy with you and I ‘d love to talk about it more! If you’ve had a light bulb moment on the subject, I would really love to hear from you!

“Living in the moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future. It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift.”~ Oprah Winfrey

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