Before You Go, I Gotta Tell You Somethin’

(Read in :03)“The future is embedded in the present.”~ John Naisbitt.

You guessed it. Those are our grandkids. I had to look at the date stamp twice. In a blink, three years has whizzed by since the Easter Sunday when our daughter captured the image. I can barely grapple with it! Three years! The kids call me GB, always have. And, they’re doing exactly what they should be doing. Growing up. Moving on. Most important, they are fulfilling their unique role in the circle of life. And that’s what I want to tell you about before you go.

Now, I want you to notice the trees. When we bought our home, they arched over our driveway invitingly and created a sense we were somehow leaving the rest of the world behind each time we pulled into home. They’re all gone now.

And look closely. See the mailbox at the end of the lane? Saved from the bulldozers, it’s now transplanted into a new spot. At first, I thought I would die over the changes brought about by the highway expansion. To be honest, our property looked like a war zone for over a year and it all felt like destruction and loss. But today, I’m good with it all. Really good, in fact.

Before you go gettin’ sad

We can either think of time as a thief or a magician. Time can steal the present but it can also reward us with surprisingly incredible growth. It can wound but it also can heal. It never stops moving and changing, but for every single thing it takes away, something new is born. We can be certain of just this, the status is never quo.

I suggest it’s critically important to change the way we look at the passing of time. (Hey, at my stage of life it’s happening at a cartoon-like pace!) We need to be very careful not to think of it as a flat line. You know, the way people thought the earth was before Columbus proved it wasn’t? They were completely wrong about their belief in a flat world. And now, it looks like total stupidity.

Before you go, I want you to know life’s a circle, not a line

I think we’re completely wrong to think of life that way. You must understand it’s really is round and never flat. It’s not as if we come to the edge of some cliff and fall off the edge. No, every ending is a new beginning. Every beginning has an end.

Energy and spirit can never die, they just change form. We see it all around us in the progression of seasons and the way things bloom and fade. The moon grows round and bright and in a mere two weeks is dark. In another 14 days, it’s full and radiant again. Cycles, yes, the circle of life. Corny? Maybe. But it’s very real.

So, I offer you this advice at a time of year when it is achingly obvious that children are growing up and some are leaving home for the first time. The years are rushing by and we just want to freeze time and allow the sweetness of it all to linger on our tongue a little longer. The way we accomplish that is by melting into the moment without giving thought to the impermanence of right now.

Living wholeheartedly is a mix of savoring, accepting, anticipating and remembering. When we hold on too tightly our fingers are closed. I gotta tell you somethin’, blessings can only come with our hands open to receive. Sending love and blessings! Savor the days, summer is melting…..See you Monday!

“Your future self is watching you right now through your memories.”~Aubrey de Grey

The mailbox in its new home.


  • Gail

    Dear Betty, so glad you’ve found a way to understand and use that moment. You are good at finding priorities.

    • Betty Streff

      Well, I have my moments but I’m definitely a work in progress. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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