An Anchor in Times of Uncertainty

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This blog post is a departure from our usual process. First, it is being written by me (Doc) rather than Betty. Second, it is going to be directly related to recent events. Please read it all the way through regardless of your political perspective. I am writing this on the morning of Nov 9, 2016. Yes, the morning after a great political upset. However, I am not writing this to express my political opinion, I am writing this from the perspective of my professional degree, which is that I am a psychologist. I am also not writing to pass judgment on either candidate or party.

I am writing this because our nation and our world has entered a period of great uncertainty. Again, I’m not passing judgment on that uncertainty but only highlighting it because it is going to have destabilizing impacts on our lives regardless of our beliefs. The reason that is appropriate for this blog post is that the WORTHY VALUES FIRST system, that Betty and I have developed, can help us all deal with the stress of that period of uncertainty. That is very important at this moment and will continue to be important in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Uncertainty of any kind usually generates anxiety, fear, and doubt. It will often disrupt our sleep, appetite, and mood. We may become irritable, easily angered, confused, distractible, discouraged, disappointed, feel like we are drifting, and yes even suicidal.

So how can our system help?

At this point I want to talk to you about what we call our “Framework for Meaningful Living.” It consists of three main points. The three points are: “Know Your Why. Serve Your Worthy Values. Become Your Best.” For this post the first two points are most important.

In any period of uncertainty “Know Your Why” is critical for helping us stabilize and deal with stress. We also talk about this as knowing what worthy values you are on this planet to serve. It is absolutely critical that you know what your personal worthy values are! Our system helps you identify those worthy values and have them defined as clearly as possible.

Knowing your worthy values gives you an anchor in a time of instability.

When you know what worthy values you are on this planet to serve, then “Serve Your Worthy Values” becomes your task. This also is a great aid in dealing with uncertainty because it helps you decide on which commitments, goals, and actions you need to focus your energies, resources, and time.

Our system also helps you understand that “serving” our personal worthy values is something WE CAN CONTROL even in a period of great uncertainty. It is very important to understand that while we can control our “service” to those worthy values we cannot control the “outcomes” of that service. This too is critical in times of uncertainty because if helps us persist regardless of great difficulty and even if we are not getting the immediate results we wish for.

So why should we persist in our service to our worthy values even if we don’t get the outcomes we want? Why should we do this if that service doesn’t guarantee outcomes of success? The answer to these questions is at the heart of our WORTHY VALUES FIRST system. It is that, the overall goal of the system is to produce “meaning” and not outcomes. Meaningful lives are lives worth living even in times of great uncertainty. We CANNOT guarantee any outcomes but we CAN guarantee that our lives are MEANINGFUL by “serving our worthy values.”

I’m going to stop here even though I could continue for a long time on this topic and related topics because it is the very heart and soul of our system. Please post comments or questions and Betty and I will do our best to respond to them. Also consider subscribing to our website so you get our “Summary” which will likely make some of this easier to understand. I’m hoping this helps you deal with the stress of the uncertainty that we have entered into and that it guides you in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Thanks for listening. Talk to you again soon. Doc Newbold

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