It Really Is All in Your Mind

(Read in less than :03)“Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind.”~Earl Nightingale

Flip on your television set any evening of the week and you’ll see the commercials. You may not even know that you have low T or Hep C but there’s help for that thanks to the miracle of modern pharmaceuticals. Hang around and you’ll find out about cures for all sorts of embarrassing problems like dandruff or toenail fungus or psoriasis or erectile dysfunction. Bladder leakage? Chronic constipation? Dry mouth? Yep. Yep. Yessiree Bob, there’s a remedy out there. Oh, what a relief it is.

However, I’d venture to say there’s lots more suffering caused by a malady we haven’t even named yet. Back in the 70’s, Zig Ziglar suggested we should get “a check-up from the neck up” to cure our “stinkin’ thinkin'” and by golly he was right. I’ve been noodling on some clever names like mental mildew, cranial crud, brain bilge or mind mold. If only there was something like WD-40 to loosen up and get rid of the nasty residue or some sort of “error freshener” to make things a little sweeter inside our clogged noggins.

Maybe there is…..

I had a lot of windshield time and hanging-around time the last few days. When that happens, I read. I get online and look around for the latest articles, videos, books or magazines on the topic of living a happier and more meaningful life. There is fresh new content every day because there are millions of people who are just dying to get off the hamster wheel and live abundantly. I think our Millennials will be the generation to reverse the pendulum swing.

It’s way too late to be writing and I’ll probably cringe when I see all my typos, so for today I’ll share just two resources I bumped into that prove to me we’re all in the same boat to some extent. Overscheduled, overwhelmed, overcomitted and overloaded.

Let me just say I love Courtney Carver and her blog Here is a recent article that really resonated with me as I watch young families, especially young moms, chase their tails and then beat themselves up when it seems like it’s never enough.

One more goodie for your mind

And, here’s another treat for you. But only if you’re serious about making the changes you know will make life look more like it’s supposed to. Yesterday I signed up for a lifetime subscription to Simplify Magazine for just $20. It’s published four times a year and it’s online so no magazines to pile up. The first issue was free and awesome. I devoured it so pulling the trigger was a no-brainer. It’s full of great stuff. Do it, you’ll thank me! Here’s the link:  Don’t monkey around, the offer expires Friday June 30!

“As a man thinketh, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

See you Thursday! Can’t wait to hear what you’re thinking!






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