Dr. Grant N. Newbold, Psy. D.
Doctor of Psychology

Why I Think I Can Help You Know Your Why!

You may be thinking that my doctorate degree in clinical psychology is the credential that I am going to talk about and although that is somewhat important it isn’t the “credential” that I think is the most important for helping you “Know Your Why.” The “credential” that really matters is actually my life story.

Unfortunately it starts with a tragedy in my youth. When I was 9 years old my older brother, Ward who was 12, and I made some bad choices and a gas can exploded and he was horribly burned. Twenty-four hours later he died from the burns, which was probably a blessing given the extent of the injuries. With that event my life crashed into a long period of darkness, loneliness, guilt, and many other negative emotions. I wandered in a wilderness of pain for a very long time trying to cope with only a child’s skills and knowledge. Eventually the pain lessened but the search for meaning and purpose was ever present and it took me down many paths. Fortunately I was never self-destructive or attracted to drugs and alcohol to dull the pain.

So what kept me going on that search? I’m not exactly sure but some of the things that appeared to have helped are a strong curiosity, an intrigue with science and the natural world, a drive to make things, and being good at school. Eventually I came to read a lot of nonfiction about success and self improvement. Somehow I found Viktor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search For Meaning” which was a great aid. My search also took me into psychology. However, most of clinical psychology is about pathology and it was not until I found some of the “positive psychology” leaders and readings that things became clear to me and led me to the development of my current understanding of the universal search for our “Why.”

So I hope you will join me and my business partner, Betty J. Streff, in our ongoing journey on this audio blog that we call “How To Know Your Why, and Why It Matters.” I sincerely believe that we have something unique and valuable to offer you. In addition to our own personal journeys, our blog is extensively grounded in the best of positive psychology, psychological research, and the best knowledge and information available.

My hope for you is that you will have a successful search for meaning, purpose, and intrinsic motivation.