Betty J. Streff

Why Do I Care About Your Why?

Who is this Betty Streff anyway?

My crash course in entrepreneurship happened a long time ago. I had landed on a farm three miles outside of a rural village, population 450, plunked down without a degree or a job. Thankfully, I had a husband and two beautiful little girls. After a sobering self-assessment, I made an account of my very sparse asset inventory. Let’s see, I had a fairly good talent for drawing and I knew how to sew. I had $40, a portable sewing machine and a knack for striking up conversations with complete strangers. That should about do it. My most valuable asset? I had deep faith and a belief that God had a huge plan for my life. (I still do.) So naturally, I began stitching up some pillows and bibs to sell, wouldn’t anyone?

“I want to help you create a blueprint for your best life.”

I began doing craft shows in the fall and when the season ended, we stuffed an old Samsonite with samples and headed down the Interstate to find customers. Amazingly, the business became a thriving cottage industry with as many as 50 area women working to produce my designs. We shipped our products all over the United States for the next twenty-two years.

How my life changed

There was no peer network in that little community, so early on I turned to books and audios for wisdom. The best preachers, authors and speakers became my virtual Board of Directors and provided guidance for me. Nine years later, I opened a gift shop sixty miles away and commuted there five days a week, 120 miles a day, for seventeen years. During that time, I turned my minivan into “Rolling University” and dedicated myself to learning all I could about success, motivation, business, leadership, personal development and spirituality.

As I learned, I shared my knowledge. I spoke to an untold number of groups about what it takes to be entrepreneurial. I taught them what I had discovered about overcoming obstacles, staying focused, remaining teachable and paying it forward.

Betty Streff today

I’ve spent almost forty years intensely studying what makes people tick. Over that time I’ve developed a unique understanding of what it takes to find joy and meaning in life. After many more birthdays, I’m inspired all over again and energized by sharing all I’ve learned with you!

Think of me as your personal “Cliff’s Notes” as you learn how to live intentionally and with purpose. I’ll share my most powerful insights in simple terms so you can implement them in your life right now!

“…I want to breathe belief into you…”

My desire is to help you become the best possible version of the person you were designed to be! I bring you food for thought, encouragement, and laughter. I want to help you create a blueprint for your best life. Finally, more than anything else, I want to breathe belief into you so you come away convinced that you can achieve whatever your heart calls you to do.

And this is where I need you

But here’s the thing. I discovered long ago that life is a do-it-to-yourself project! Sadly, there’s no rescue hero or pixie dust that can magically make your life meaningful. You’ll need to put some skin in the game. Twice a week I’ll post some thoughts that I believe might encourage you to think. I really gut it out and sweat the process, y’all. If I write and all I hear is crickets, it’s like there’s no teeter to my totter, no Marco to my Polo.

So please tell me what you think; tell me it stinks, tell me I’m nuts, tell me you don’t care, but tell me something. You can leave a comment or go through the back door and click on the contact us tab and leave me a message the public will never see. I can’t get better at this until I know if I am giving you something you need or want to hear. Fair enough? It’s your turn.